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S is a tricky letter, as it gives a definitive sound to a word
On the right they burned him

The dog turned hostile
He was always spoiled as a child, thats why he needs control now
Envisioning it to be more than it was he ran away from it
Yet still they come

Ants are very aggressive when attacked
Radiation poisoning is not a fun way to die
Needless are limbs in combat, all you need is your head
Think it out clearly, it will turn out to be not as bad as it first seems

Exterminating them is key
X-rays are another nice way to heat food
Attrition is a disgusting thing
Clearance into the void
The mist fogs all of our minds
Love is just a word, use it wisely though
Yetti's are detrimental to survival

Hit the ground running
Ugly is the yucca plant
Mutants do not play nicely with others
Age is a waiting game
Next time shall be better

When lost in a forest, you shall be screwed
Hate is just a word, and it is almost as strong as love
Attention all passengers, this is the last boarding call
Turn a bad situation into a profitable one

Rage is a fun emotion especially when it is unjustified
Ignite the flame in everyones heart
Gas burns fast
Heat is not comfortable
Take caution, they are near

Dim the lights please
Oranges are citric fruits

Wise is the owl who waits for night
Energy goes quickly

Hedge clippers have been used as weapons before
Ate they lotus's they did
Ventriloquism is creepy
Eat the heart and you shall live forever

Then it exploded
Ouch that hurt

He does not like you
Uranium can be used efficiently
Red lights usually mean stop
Take a coat with you

They would hate to see you roast
He asked me to do it
Endings never are smooth unless...
Make friends
i challenge anyone who reads this to figure out what it means
Le-li-el Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009
what is man? just a fabrication of a mind, but not my own....
minatorlord Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
you think you have figured it out then?
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