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Part 3

Darkness eats upon itself,
Burning an invisible hole in the fabric,
It threatens everything,
It is his very essence.

He has come...
He WILL kill us all...
He has made the first move,
And we shall make the deadliest.

The sword,
It has moved from my side to my hand once again,
This time to slay a dragon too large,
A dragon that has created us.

The False Absence of HIM,
His burning reality in my mind,
He controls everything,
But we can turn away.

We can turn away from his acidic, burning mind,
We have broken free of her and we WILL break free from him,
Our world has crumbled because of HIM,
There is no society.

There is no civilization,
On this barren stone of a planet,
He has destroyed this stone,
It is not Spherical, it is a sliver of what it once was.

And so are we,
We have been beaten down,
Beaten down into nothingness,

We have ultimately been destroyed,
Into nothingness,
Burning desire to kill,
To kill HIM.

Struggles last but not a blink in the infinite measure of time,
And ours is barely a special case,
Ours seems as though we will trade steel between us and HIM,
For an Eternity.
this part is unfinished so if anyone could comment any ideas or suggestions, i will give you credit if i use it, and they are deeply appreciated
Le-li-el Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2009
oh, but if i gave you a suggestion, i would stunt your natural evolution!! the Prime Directive applies!!

this cycle is turning out to be magnificent, i am honestly impressed!
minatorlord Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you!, im trying my best lol
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September 23, 2009
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